Friday, March 24, 2017

How We Met 'Loretta'

When we bought a house in North Austin in 2010, we bought the first house we saw. But not after seeing about 15 others. The more we looked, the more we realized the house on Dorset Drive was the right one. The same thing happened with Loretta, the RV we just bought.
Loretta is a 2010 Coachman Freelander 21QB who's in wonderful health and ready to have some adventures.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

RV Deal Falls Through, Lessons Learned

We were scheduled to pick up our 2009 Thor Chateau Citation 24A today. Unfortunately, we decided not to go through with that deal. Or maybe that's the most fortunate thing to happen for our travels. We're scheduled to pick up a different RV from a private seller later this week, pending inspection. I'll write about that soon.

Here are some lessons I learned while trying to buy the Citation 24A.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

RV Purchase Pending: 2009 Thor Chateau Citation 24SA

Update -- we're no longer buying a Citation 24SA. Read "RV Deal Falls Through, Lessons Learned"

Selling everything and quitting my job to travel full time in an RV was supposed to be relaxing. Not yet. Think of the stress of buying a house. Layer on the headache of buying a car. Top that with the uncertainty of diving into a career change. Roll all that into one and it comes close to the anxiety we've been feeling this week.

Through it all, we've reminded ourselves of the moves we've made around the country, how we've achieved many big goals, and most importantly, how we make a great team. Meet our soon-to-be new RV, a 2009 Thor Chateau Citation 24SA (pending inspection).

Saturday, March 4, 2017

When Life Gives You Sunflowers, Make SunSticks!

During a dispute with a neighboring gardener at Sunshine Community Gardens in Austin, Berkley Bettis decided to plant a thick row of sunflowers between the two beds to put a pleasant barrier against an unpleasant situation. Soon, birds began spreading sunflower seeds.

The following season, sunflowers grew all over his plot. He let them grow and cleared the stems once they dried up. An idea struck him while he handled a stiff, gnarled stalk.

Dreams of Singing on the Road

I woke up smiling and said to Denise "You're funny."

That's how my dream last night ended. We were living on the road and a "producer" had convinced me I was the next big thing in voice talent. Some dreams are inexplicably scary, others make no sense at all. This one felt light and silly. I even woke up in a good mood despite the fact I had been taken for ride.