Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Plans Change; Yellowstone's Beauty

Yellowstone National Park, a place of raw, unparalleled beauty, has been my home since May 22. We'll be here until Sept. 3. Denise joined me the following week after we both spent about a month in Pueblo, Colorado, and considered making it our home. We've decided to stick to our original plan -- Yellowstone for the summer, Washington state in September, Mexico in the winter.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Denise and Joseph Part Ways

Denise and I are splitting up. She's staying in Pueblo, Colorado while I continue on to Yellowstone National Park. Don't worry, we'll reunite in late August to continue our journey to Washington state. After that, we'll come back to Pueblo to run an arts and gardening program at a community space called Pueblo House.
Pueblo House and La Familia Community Garden sit side by side on Pueblo's East Side.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Update: Texas to New Mexico to Colorado

Here's a recap of our travels up until now: we've been to three states in as many weeks. The trip so far has been a mix of visits with family, stays at state parks, one tourist destination, and volunteer service. Along the way, Kimbo has fetched, gotten countless thorns stuck in his feet, and needed a trip to the vet (he's OK).
The Pecos River cuts a canyon through west Texas that's as wide as it is beautiful.

Exhausted, But in a Good Way

We arrived in Pueblo, Colorado on April 22 to visit with Janet Wilson of Pueblo House. Janet is the founder of the OTR Foundation. The foundation owns and operates three houses in Pueblo dedicated to helping the local community. I met Janet during the Occupy Movement and later helped her work on the original house, known as The Pueblo House, for about 2 months. Now Joseph and I are helping her with the organization's music house, which includes a radio station and a place for musicians to play.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dealing With Trash in an RV (So Far)

We've been on the road for 2 weeks now. We started our journey with a 4-day stay at Palmetto State Park, then a few days in San Antonio, followed by 5 days in Corpus Christi, split between Denise's folk's house, Malaquite Beach, and Mustang Island State Park. In that time, we've made quite a bit of trash. This is how we're dealing with it.

A week's worth of trash from our first week on the road, from left recyclable material, compostable material, and landfill trash, bottom right is Kimbo's poop. We used to compost and recycle most of our waste when we lived in a house. This volume has been typical over the past weeks.